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Journal last updated: Saturday, August 31st 2013 at 12:28 AM
Add me to your Pal Pad and I'll click your eggs and Pokemon everyday!
Currently: "Users Who Have Added Me [72]"
Come on! Share the love! ;)
P.S. I Pal-Pad-click around 4 PM Server Time!

Breeding Notes
I will breed for you if you can breed one pokemon for me.
You can even release them into Safari but as long as I get it, it counts.

I would like any of the following Pokemon:
Unown (ASK)
Legendary (ASK)

Achievements to Get

What I can Breed
Summer Swinub, Crystal Onix, Slime Slugma, Remorage, Valentacool, Winter Vulpix, Zergoose, Icy Horsea, Easter Buneary, All Clones, Future/Past/Present, Bidofo, Pokii, Dracowymsy, Shelderboy, Festive Makuhita, Rustor, All Starters from All Generations, Phione.
Anything on this list, feel free to ask me! I will check for you.

Dango has no recent activity.

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